How-To: Eat HEALTHY Sweets

You know it really is possible, right? If you eat store bought sweets, stick to dark chocolate – that isn’t too bad every now and then. Sometimes, they have Agave Gummies – those are my FAVORITE store bought “healthy” sweets!! Instead of refined sugar, they use Agave which is a low-glycemic sugar.

BUT – the best way to consume healthy sweets is to make them yourself. Yes, cook your own (see the pattern?? Cooking everything is WAY better than buying everything!)

On Facebook, I follow a page called “Gluten Free Recipes 24/7” – I also share A LOT of their sweets. Basically, they post sweets from different blogs, and pages, on the internet that are healthy, gluten free, and sometimes vegan, sweet treats, and other lunch/dinner recipes as well.

That’s a good start.

Rule of thumb – when baking your own sweets, use either STEVIA or XYLITOL (zy-lih-tall). They are (as always, in my opinion) the best low glycemic, naturally extracted, sugars that you could use. Xylitol is more of a granulated sugar, where as stevia comes as a fine powder or liquid. STEVIA IS VERY STRONG – it really does not take much. I like Xylitol, and use it for ALL of my recipes because it is not as strong, and easier to measure (closer to refined sugar measurements if replacing in older recipes).

Another rule of thumb – instead of using regular flours – use nut flours. Example: Almond flour, garbanzo bean flour, flaxseed meal, etc. Those are also better for you – I can’t remember why (I will do a post on regular flour vs nut flours next week so I can research and tell you the difference).

Here are some recipes I have tried and really like:

Chocolate Chunk Banana Bread – I have to start by giving you my ALL TIME FAVORITE!! This uses COCONUT FLOUR!! SO HEALTHY! and it is SO good – for all of you like me, who love regular banana bread, this healthy homemade alternative BEATS the taste out of the traditional recipe of banana bread!

Banana Bread Granola – there is also this if you want something with crunch. Can you tell I like Banana Bread? 🙂

Pure Chocolate – your own way of having healthier chocolate around the house! This does use Rice Syrup (or PURE Maple Syrup) which I don’t totally agree with but it is still better than refined sugars!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies (main ingredient: garbanzo beans!)

Mel’s Kitchen Cafe – Gluten Free:
this is the gluten free section of this website – pretty good stuff in here. More lunch/dinner items but still good to look at and use!

Check out some of those – you can ALWAYS google “Gluten Free Sweets” or something like that and you will find a TON of really good recipes!

I did complete Day 8 – back to Insanity Max:30 week 2! Today (technically yesterday) was Cardio Challenge again – I went A LOT farther. It is my goal to push, mentally, past 20 minutes of each workout this week. It might not happen in all, but I know I will definitely sweat more if I do!

Gym time happened as well! I have decided to use the gym time as strength training time. Muscle burns FAT so it is good to add – and I’ve got Cardio covered with the Max:30 workouts so its a good well rounded day of exercising when I stick to Cardio in the AM and strength training in the PM.

I am thinking of starting the process to be a personal trainer – just gotta pay for the class and start studying! Think it would be good for me – then I can share what I find on here too!

Proof I did it:




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