How-To: Eat Healthy on a Budget

This is a subject I am OH-SO familiar with. A lot of people who eat unhealthy say that they can’t afford to eat healthy. That is like saying you can’t afford health insurance (which some people can’t) but it really is simple.

Remember how I, in previous blogs, mentioned planning ahead? Or making a schedule? Or even the compound effect? Ringing any bells?

ALL of that comes in to play for this How-To. In order to “afford” healthy foods, you need to budget. In order to budget, you’ve gotta figure out and plan ahead all of your bills, your expenses, etc. It makes it a lot easier.

For me, I plan to spend anywhere from $60-100 a week on groceries. The reason I spend that much is because I eat the same thing everyday. I can do that though – it doesn’t bother me. I change up the meals and snacks each week and cook on Sundays. Here’s the trick – PURPOSEFULLY pick foods that are inexpensive but still healthy.

NOTE: if you have ABSOLUTELY no healthy cooking supplies (i.e. Olive Oil, Nut Flours, Spices, etc. your first grocery trip will be HIGHER — but keep in mind that from grocery trips #2 and on, it wont be as high as you have most staple ingredients for your recipes).

It really can be less expensive to eat healthy if you PLAN AHEAD. The going trend for me is PLAN AHEAD – if you fail to plan, you really do plan to fail. If you have the will power to change, and know what is necessary for that change, than you will plan, you will budget, you will change and you will succeed.

Helpful tidbit – if you stick to some sort of egg dish for breakfast, have some soup for lunch or dinner, and have some 1-2 ingredient snacks during the day, it will also help keep your grocery bill at a minimum.

Here is a sample week for me:
2 HB eggs w/cucumber and Flaxbread

Snacks (spaced 2 hours apart until lunch):
celery w/Almond Butter
zucchini +squash (cut up) with Homemade Ranch +chicken (cut in chunks)

Greek Style Mahi-Mahi
Cauliflower “hummus”
Greek Salad

veggie dish (taktouka) with Flax bread

Turkey burger w/jalapeno, cheese, and brussel sprouts
Roasted snap peas mixed with green beans

Mint Choco-nut Smoothie

All of that I can normally get with only spending $75-100 tops.

Proof of Day 9. Still feeling weird – stuffed up and a lot of drainage – still not letting it be an excuse!! And I made it over 20 minutes again 🙂



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