How-To: Avoid Sugar

For beginners – a good rule of thumb is this:
If you CAN NOT pronounce the word listed in the Ingredients section of the label, PUT IT DOWN. YOU DO NOT NEED IT.

Majority of the time, sugars are in those long named ingredients that you read through, can’t even pronounce and assume is ok for you. It most likely isn’t, so put it down.

Another thing I recommend is this:
buy foods with AS LITTLE things listed in the Ingredients section as possible. OR… completely stick to one ingredient foods (whole foods) in the produce section, meat section, etc.

If there are fewer ingredients, it is not as bad – especially if most of the ingredients are spices, or ingredients like that. Processed sugar is simply put into everything (even drive thru foods!!) and is normally put in there to help “preserve” the foods – which is gross. I like to know that my foods will go bad within days if I don’t consume them because 1. then I have to eat what I spend my money on and 2. I know that they haven’t been “tampered” with in manufacturing with injections of processed sugar.

To help you, here is a list of ingredients that have processed sugar in them:





learn this list – it is long but I PROMISE if you are looking to lose weight, focusing on this rather than calories up front when you start will make A HELL of a difference.

Day 2 of two-a-days is going strong – I felt a little weak in my ending 10 minute cardio cool down but I realized today that with two workouts I am not consuming enough food – so I am trying to add a little to the list with snacks this week to help for the remainder of the week.

Tomorrow is back to Insanity Max:30 with the start of week 2!! Feeling stronger and down 4 pounds – always a great feeling 🙂


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