Failing to Plan = Planning to Fail

you all know that saying… if you don’t take the time to plan, you might as well plan to fail. I really do believe in that statement. It doesn’t have to be this great big elaborate plan, but at least some idea of how things will go, or some idea of what you would like to happen.

For weightloss, the BIGGEST thing to plan out is your nutrition. You don’t have to go all crazy… like I do… but knowing that each day you will wake up and take two hours to prep your food for the day, or on Sunday’s you prep your food for the whole week, or even prep every other day… whatever your routine is, STICK TO IT. Take it seriously. Make it a priority. Here is why:

nutrition is a really high percentage of weight loss (70-80% I believe) and what you put into your body is so important – to fuel for the day, to energize, to relax, to indulge… it all matters. For me – I have to take 1-2 days to prep for multiple days in a row. Sundays are usually a big prep day and sometimes thursdays if I have time. Today I prepped for the whole week. A lot of times if I prep for the whole week it is the same line up each day, for that week (remember, I said it doesn’t have to be elaborate!).

A typical week for me looks like this:
7:30a – Salad Smoothie
10:30a – Cashews and Cheese

1:30p – Chicken Curry with Flaxseed Bread (all homemade)
+Asparagus soup w/shredded cheese
+Homemade Kale Chips
3:30p – Boosted Broccoli (has a homemade anchovy sauce to add healthy fat and protein)

5:30p – Cauliflower “Hummus” with Bell Peppers
8p – Mint Choco-Nut Smoothie

It is well rounded and all homemade. I don’t consume grains – but I consume the same nutrition thru the flaxseeds, and other replacements. I limit my intake of berries – overall, I watch my intake of sugar, consume 15g of protein per meal, and increase carbs (thru selected veggies) and GOOD, healthy fat. The only way this is so doable is due to all the wonderful recipes I have found. I could eat chicken everyday for a month, but have some BEAUTIFUL, and completely different from each other, recipes each week – making it doable.



A heads up on what is to come:
some “How-To’s” next week
then moving to “What’s Better” the next week
and then some yummy recipes the following week.

That should cover month one! aaaaaaand I am now at a loss for what to plan for the remaining 11 months /: (suggestions are always welcomed 🙂 )

Proof of Day 5



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